Pray for The Episcopal Church USA (TEC)

It almost seems like a waste of time to pray for The Episcopal Church (TEC), which is canonically my province of residence (kyrie eleison). Anyway, the General Convention which meets every three years is going on now in Anaheim, California.

Dozens of conservative parishes have left over the last few years, and a few conservative dioceses have left, all of this means there is almost no voice advocating the positions of traditional evangelicalism or anglo-catholicism. There is nothing to hold back the impulses of revisionism and pan-sexuality and heresey. It is a sad day, but the Convention is still not over and perhaps something will happen to salvage the situation as the main decisions regarding non-celibate gay bishops, same-sex 'marriage', and the blessing of same-sex unions, have yet to be made.

Meanwhile, what I do I expect? Our conwardly bishops will continue to waffle, wanting everything gay while also wanting to remain part of the Anglican Communion.

My only consolation is the precipitous decline of membership and attendance for TEC. The branch that bears no fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire. Almajdulillah!


Jeannette said…
The church definitely needs our prayers. I was shocked the other day when I heard that Bishop Schori said that individual salvation was heresy. The Episcopal church where I live split a few years ago over the gay issue.
Jeff said…
Well, the True Church endures. Maybe it's time to raise the eyes and look a bit beyond the boundaries of the body you are in.

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