CNN on Arab Reactions to the latest situation in Gaza


Samuel said…
Divisive story. And if you don't happen to agree with my worldview, you're about to get an earful of things you don't wanna hear.

When it speaks of "Arabs" it mostly means Muslims who do not believe in Israel's right to exist (and most likely terrorist supporting jihadists). The fact that I am a conservative right-winger who supports the Iraq war should probably be enough to lead one to know what I think of these demonstrations.

Where were these demonstrators during Saddam's and Sudan's genocides and ethnic cleansing? During the Armenian holocaust? When their own tyrants massacred and oppressed their people? Where were they when 1000's of Muslims are constantly being suicide bombed? Not a word, until Israel does something.

No nation can tolerate a neighbor that constantly barrages it with rockets with the goal set out in its charter of wiping it out. Hamas cannot complain that Israel responded to a war that Hamas itself has declared, most especially now when a truce has formally ended and Hamas did not venture to renew it. You ask for war, and you get it. You don't have to be a genius to understand that.

The pattern keeps on repeating itself. Muslims continue to make the wrong decisions: befriend the oppressive Ottomans, then befriend the nazis, then befriend the communists, then befriend the tyrants, the Nasserites, the Saddamites, and now befriend the medieval-minded terrorists. These people do not care about human life, or even the Palestinians, but merely exploit them toward Muslim expansionist ends. They say nothing about the Muslims that kill and massacre other Muslims, thru the many suicide bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, but only raise a fuss when Israel strikes against a terrorist organization. That tells me that their demonstrations are disingenuine.

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