The Quran-Only Movement

There is a movement in Islam and to be honest I find it highly encouraging. It is the 'Quran Only' movement, and it seeks to shed the influence of the hadiith about Muhammad's life. This is a very good thing. The Quran contains so many different kinds of statements that it can be--with difficulty mind you--interpreted in such a way that it respects human rights to a much greater degree than Islam does in general today.

But just as Christians interpret the Bible through the lens of the Nicene Creed, or the Reformation debates about justification, or what have you, Muslims have (almost) always interpreted the Quran through the lens of the hadiith about Muhammad's life. And that life, unfortunately, was quite bloody and characterized by aggression.

But here is a link to a website of a man who espouses the Quran-only version of Islam. It is a small movement but I hope to grows. Here he is talking about Islam and terrorism, specifically 9/11.

A final note: One of the main things about Quran-only Islam is that it need not insist that the texts of the Bible is corrupted. That is not a teaching in the Quran at all. It is firmly ensconced in the hadiith though.


Anonymous said…

It's weird how those so-called "Muslims" refer to themselves after a sectarian label (sect then madhab and even go as far to define the splinter group they adhere to!), divisive sectarianism which God condemns in His Book, yet they have the effrontery to condemn those Muslims who practise Islam according to The Qur'an Muhammad himself did. The Sunnis openly defy The Qur'an by performing acts such as ablution according to hadith and go beyond the limits of justice in dealing with adultery etc. I cannot get my head around how this type of mentality can pose - and how hundreds of millions follow this sham without question - in the name of God's way for humankind!

Wasalam, Yusuf (Australia)

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