Liturgy: The Gospel written on the Body

Here is a great reflection from a friend of mine:

I will never forget hearing the story (it pains me that I was not present to witness this first hand) of when Carter - who at the time was just over a year old - was sitting in his high chair in between Allison and her mother at the dining room table for dinner and was motioning with his arm that he wanted to hold Allison's hand. She grabbed it and he then motioned to Lyn (Al's mom) for the same. After she responded in kind Carter bowed his head and kept it there.

It had not occurred to us until this moment that the simple practices of our lives (the repeated liturgy of our day that brought rhythm and order to our house and spoke of what we worshiped) had become an essential part of how Carter understood both himself and his world.

Read it all at Priests and Paramedics.


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