Schmemann on the Eucharist

See how excellent Orthodoxy is? Some words from Schmemann to start the year:

He is our bread—because from the very beginning all our hunger was our hunger for Him and all our bread was but a symbol of Him, a symbol that had to become reality.

Aside from the fact that the New Year started at Advent, happy New Year to all of you. May God make us all fruitful and wise in 2012, and fill us with a great desire to share his grace and love with all around us.

--Abu Daoud


I love Orthodoxy! My husband and I have decided to jump in with both feet and have left our non-denominational Church for an Antiochian parish. I am encouraged seeing more outreach to Muslims within the Orthodox world.
Blessed feast of the Theophany to you!
Abu Daoud said…
Dear Stacy-Fahima, a blessed Theophany to you too!

I hope you will keep us up to date on your experiences and what you learn. I come from a Bible church background, and am now (as you know if you have been reading this blog for long) a conservative Anglo-Catholic (still evangelical, to be sure). Though your move is even more pronounced and I pray it will be a blessing both to you and your new church home.

We must also pray for more outreach to Muslims by the Orthodox. If you ever have news on this topic drop by and let us know.

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