Ramon Llull and the 100 names of God

For anyone who has been reading the blog for a while, you know that my great hero is Ramon Llull. He is the father of the Church's mission to Muslims, and in all the 700 or so years since his ministry we have not seen anyone like him arise, though there are some who came close (Temple Gairdner of Cairo being the only one I can think of).

I just noticed that Lullian Arts now has made available Llull on the 100 names of God. Check out that website (see my blogroll) or just download the PDF by clicking here.

I love how Llull can take very simple ideas like 'God is infinitely glorious' and work very simply up to the logical necessity of the Holy Trinity. I mean, who else can do that?

Still hoping he will become officially canonized one of these days too...meanwhile, Blessed Ramon Llull, we share in your intercessions for the conversion of the Saracens whom God loves with a perfect love.



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