Foreign Policy Mag: Libyans and Marriage; Demography

The new issue of Foreign Policy, one of my favorite publications, along with St Francis Magazine and Time and First Things, has two new articles out that are very interesting.

The first is about Libya and how the men and women deal with various difficulties surrounding marriage. The new rebels used to be unemployed slackers, now they are heroes. What will happen? Will they be able to get married now? Will they be able to get jobs? As I have said before, getting rid of the dictator was the easy part.

Libya's Sexual Revolution by Ellen Knickmeyer

Also, readers of this blog know my opinion on the future: it belongs to those who procreate, not the smartest or fastest or most just or whatever. Those who reproduce will also emigrate, bringing with them their culture and religion. Something like 98% of the world population will be born and die with the same religion. As much as I devote myself to evangelism, and as important as every convert is, the future will be determined by demographics. This article is about that topic.

It's a Small World After All, by Colum Lynch

Check them out, enjoy!

--Abu Daoud


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