Church History

Brilliant  :-)


Joel said…
It's sort of misleading. We can see in the NT the divisions already in the Church (e.g. the Judaizers). Also, you have the Copts, the Armenians, and massive differences between Alexandria, Antioch and Athens for example. There may have been a form of unity, but there has always been lots of diversity within it.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Joel,

I would disagree with you (I think). There is a strong consensus on theological and hermeneutical issues represented in the Chalcedonian tradition. It is true that not all churches accept that, but today there is an effort to sort through those differences.

That notwithstanding, I do think the cartoon says something valid, not so much about Church History, but about how some contemporary evangelical churches approach the question of the Biblical hermeneutics.

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