Shifting ground in Australia

Australia is undergoing a huge demographic shift. The numbers and trends in this article indicate an Australia that will be very different in 30 or 40 years. But it does not mean, necessarily, an Islamized Australia. Lots of the immigrants are from Vietnam and India. The former are not Muslims, the later may or may not be Muslims. What is clear is that Australia, in a few decades, will no longer be part of the West. That may not be such a bad thing, but meritocracy and rule of law will certainly suffer, as the country's Judeo-Christian foundations continue to erode.

Australia is undergoing its fastest population boom since the end of World War II, with a growth rate that peaked in late 2008 at double the world average – rather than where they are coming from.

“The angst is really about population growth above race or ethnicity,” says Ms. Betts. “Over the past couple of years Australians have really become pretty distressed about the rapid growth in immigration, particularly in the major cities. They see that infrastructure has not kept up. They see clogged highways, overcrowded hospitals, public transport under pressure, and rising housing costs and there is a lot of concern about that.”

From CS Monitor.


Don said…
The really sad part about the erosion of the Judeo-Christian foundations is that in Australia--as is the case in the U.S.--that is being led not by the immigrants but by the white secularist elites.

It's not just a demographic decline, it's intellectual suicide.

As far as the rule of law is concerned, that too has been compromised by our secularist elites. The rise of Asia as the world's economic centre will push that. Chinese Premier Wen Jibao is insisting that the Brits agree to some technology transfers if they want Chinese business. It's not the "Marquess of Queensbury" rules we like to have, but as long as the West eschews productive work, it's going to be the way it is.

Best thing to do is to evangelise the immigrants. Really, about the only thing to do...
JI said…
In many European countries, and probably in Australia too, the fall in church attendance is being stabilised by immigrants filling the pews. So immigration is not entirely a bad thing for the church! Secular humanism and materialism are far more destructive for Judeo-Christian values.

If white people actually produced more children and if Australia's economy wasn't doing so well, they wouldn't need so many foreign workers. It's still far easier for white people to migrate there than non-whites.
Abu Daoud said…
JI: Yes, I have seen what you refer to in the UK, where the average Catholic mass has a large number of folks from Poland and the Philippines. That having been said, even if ethnic Australians had more children, I think the large number of immigrants would continue, regardless.

Don: I think you are right. The rule of law will have to go.

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