Patron Saint of Muslim converts to Christianity?

Ok, ok, so a lot of you don't believe in patron saints. The idea behind a patron saint is that certain saints have such an affection for certain kinds of people or people in certain situations that they intercede for the before God. If this is indeed the case, then Joseph, patron of travelers, has been interceding for me and my family for years. Also Francis Xavier, patron of missionaries. Also, Aquinas, who is a patron of scholars has been interceding for me. Lots of intercession there! Also, our city in the Middle East has a patron, and presumably that patron prays for us as residents of said city.

Which got me thinking--is there a patron for Muslims who convert to Christianity? I figured there was not, but that Bl Ramon Llull would make a fine patron, should he be recognized as a full-fledged saint some day (which he should).

But alas, it appears that there is a contender for Muslim converts to Christianity: St Casilda of Toledo (died c. 1050).


A said…
Bl Anthony Neyrot provides an interesting case study. He was a Dominican friar, was caught by pirates whilst on a ship journey, taken to Tunis where he apostasised to Islam. He came to his senses upon learning his mentor and teacher, St. Antoninus OP (Archbishop of Florence) had died. He then returned to the Catholic Faith and during a public procession by the emir, appeared in his Dominican habit and preached the faith. He was martyred by stoning for this return to faith.
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you A. I can think of a few other examples, St Abu of Tblisi...St Akhmed of Turkey. Anyway, I wish that bishops would really officially open the doors to Muslims in a visible and vocal manner!
AHMD said…


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O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?

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