Pope wants religious freedom in Middle East

Another contribution that Christians can bring to society is the promotion of an authentic freedom of religion and conscience, one of the fundamental human rights that each state should always respect. In numerous countries of the Middle East there exists freedom of belief, while the space given to the freedom to practice religion is often quite limited. Increasing this space of freedom becomes essential to guarantee to all the members of the various religious communities the true freedom to live and profess their faith. This topic could become the subject of dialogue between Christians and Muslims, a dialogue whose urgency and usefulness was reiterated by the Synodal Fathers.

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Am tired and it's late for comments on my part. But this is great stuff!


Lvka said…
Pope wants religious freedom in Middle East

And I want a gorgeous young blond with sky-blue eyes.. (What was the purpose of this post again?) :-\
Anonymous said…
Seeking to shine light in dark place has purpose in extending the kingdom of God. Lvka is right to feel that simply desiring religious freedom is futile, but the light shines when we engage Muslims in dialogue over their lack of freedom. What are they afraid of? Is their Allah not powerful enough that to keep their faithful from lies? Doesn't Allah want His followers to love Him freely? Can't the Qur'an withstand close scrutiny to see if it is true? Jesus can, so when our conversations are bathed in love and anointed by the Holy Spirit, Muslim hearts will be changed.
Anonymous said…
Dear Jacob,

Thank you brother Jacob S. Wells for your nice invitation for us Muslims to teach us freedom, but let’s take you as example and learn from you some and please show us how you will reply to us on these 2 prophecies about mentioning prophet Muhammad names in the bible of Jesus and Old Testament,

Please listen to them carefully and I will patiently wait your second lesson of freedom of expression:

1- Jesus Christ (PBUH) mentions Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) by name in Alaramia Language, in the film of “Passion of the Christ”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RbVt8Us8aY

2- A Jewish Rabbi saying the name of “Muhamad” clearly during his reading of “Song of Solomns” in Hebrew, from Old Testament: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4iJO_zOJzU&feature=related
in that case you should try to learn what Muhammad means in that particular verse from the song of Solomons, you have to see the whole passage to see what the verse and context is all about, and hopefully without the cloud that you're having right now, you'd clearly see that it has got nothing to do with your prophet at all....LOL, thanks for making such too bold of a remark..!And btw, you regard the Bible as corrupted book, why do you need to bother to get proof of Muhammad prophethood from it?
Anonymous said…
Dear Double observer,

Yes I agree with you, your book is corrupted and for many reasons:

- First, it was not promised to be reserved for all times, as mentioned only in Quran, that it will be reserved till last days on Earth and shortly before the day of resurrection.

- Second, the bible and old Testament were meant only for their people and for their days and because of that there is no need to be reserved, as the last book from God the “Quran” will dominate them and its rules will be the applied ones and must be followed.

- Yes, true its corrupted and there are many evidences for that:

o All original copies of bible (old, new) are missing, while 3 of 5 for original copies of Quran are still kept in Tashqand, Egypt and Turkey.

o The earliest copies of bible are not in Jesus language, while Quran is still in Arabic.

o Bible versions are still changing with days, and you can follow the new version on RSV bible, while Quran is not changed.

o Quran was written in Prophet Muhammad days, and he used to review it with his companions, he asks them to write immediately while reading it to him after being revealed from God to him by Angle Gabriel, then ask them to repeat it again to him, then usually reviewing it with them, and he said to them many times: I like to hear it from someone other than me, all this was never happen in Jesus (PBUH) days, even you can’t differentiate between Jesus words, God’s words, or even the narrator words (he went there, ate there, did there, ..)

o Quran was collected in the next year of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) death, by his followers, but for bible nobody knows who and how they collected all these writings, and all Luke, John, Mathew, and Mark never met Jesus personally in his life…

- Despite all these, yes I am using bible to refer prophecies about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) coming, WHY??

- Because with all such corruption especially intended ones against the name of the prophet, still there are 10-13 clear prophecies about him and what I mentioned above are 2 of them (don’t forget the name of Muhammad in Alarmia language that you hear in passion of the Christ).

- Don’t forget that during the first years of Islam many scholars and priests, Jews and Christians, had joined and accepted Islam, and they put a lot of books about what previous scriptures talked about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and the original copies are still exist till now in Muslims books, but I didn’t paste them to you, because those are muslims now and I can’t refer to them.
Anonymous said…
About Barnabas Bible…

I can give a lot of examples on and on, but I will refer you to Barnabas bible, and this was the only apostle who wrote Jesus words in his life, you can check it on barnabas.net, hope you have time to read it, but you will discover many important things, but the most thing is the completion of all uncompleted stories in rest of bibles, you will notice that immediately.

Note, don’t repeat the story of writing Barnabas by Muslims, for many things:

- Muslims and don’t use lie to prove the truth, it’s already supported by God, and Muslims are increasing by God will since day one, so there is no need to lie, also it’s forbidden in Islam.

- The original 2 copies of Barnabas are written in Spanish and Italian, so tell me just one Arab writer's name who wrote in foreign language than Arabic before the 20th century !!!
You will never find, they didn’t learn other than Arabic because it’s their language and Quran language, other than write it in 2 European languages and put them inside the Vatican library, and WHEN???? in medieval centuries, where during if someone says Earth is rotating they will put him on Fire !!!!!!

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