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Hi All,

Here is a very nice site which facilitates conversion from Christianity (or any other religion) to Islam. Included are testimonies of converts and a lot of apologetics. I think this site really demonstrates the vibrancy of Muslim witness in the world today. There are thousands of Muslims in W Europe converting to Christianity every year, I know. But the future is demographics and migration, not conversions. And demographics/migration, both in Europe and outside, are on the side of Islam. Folks in W Europe and Canada need to know about Islam because that is their future, or at least the future of their children and grand children.




southerncanuck said…
Wow...bad grammar and everything. Sorry...couldn't resist.
Judith said…
What they never get around to telling the newly converted to Islam,and it's in the fine print, of course, is that there's no leaving...on pain of death. The attention span of a western mind is such that he gets bored after a few years, and sees through the nonsense, and if she's a woman, she gets tired of the second class status....and if she's married to a muslim, even worse for her. All that's sparkly doesn't really shine once the foil is peeled back.
JohnG. said…
From Samir khalil Samir (but in french) about the place of Islam before God : http://www.zenit.org/article-24972?l=french
FrGregACCA said…
The situation in Europe may be different in that it seems Islam is more ghettoized there, but here in the United States, it would seem that all religious values, regardless of source, tend to be corroded over time by our secular, commercial culture in which the real god, worshipped by virtually all, regardless of nominal faith, is the Almighty Dollar.
Abu Daoud said…
Fr Gregg,

I think you are right about commercialism, but sooner or later won't that go the way of communism? ie, it will fail on a pragmatic level and people will seek meaning in some transcendent system (probably Christianity or Islam)?

Canuck: Yes, the spelling is bad, but you gotta admire the panache nevertheless.

Judith: it is very hard for women in Islam for the most part. Were you a former convert to Islam by any chance? DO you know some?

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