Death of my name-sake

It's always a little annoying when people say that I use a pseudonym. Abu Daoud is not a pseudonym. It's not my birth name, of course, but it's certainly not a pseudonym either.

Anyway, this may be hard to believe, but there are two Abu Daoud's even more famous than me (smirk). One is the collector of ahadith (pl of hadith), or sayings of the Prophet and his companions, and the other one was the mastermind of the Munich Olympics terror attacks back in 1972.

And now both of them are dead. Muhammad Oudeh abu Daoud has passed away. Note that the CNN writer does not understand that Daoud is not to be handled as a family name. Abu Daoud is a single name, like Pope Paul VI or Cher or Charlemagne and belongs in the A section of a bibliography, not in the D section.

Anyway, here is the CNN article.

Abu Daoud, may you reap what you sowed.


Admin said…
Actually I'd say Abu Daoud (the real one not you), was a darned brave man!
Abu Daoud said…
Yala Admin! I am a real Abu Daoud, not as famous as Muhammad Oudeh, but then again he was not as famous as the collector of ahadith!

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