Why the West censors itself on political Islam

Political correctness and liberal guilt over historic colonial abuse in the Muslim world can easily blind Western leadership and society to the anti-social agenda of radical Islam. The unspoken policy is to keep blinders
on and mouths shut in the name of cultural relativism. This is a mistake.
To redress the wrongs of colonialism and imperialism, the West can take a
myriad constructive steps, including withdrawing support for the despots
and kings it props up and opening Western markets to goods and services
from the developing world. But capitulating to Islamists camoufl aged
as moderates and validating them up as genuine representatives of the
West’s Muslims is simply repeating the mistake of propping up the Saudis
as the legitimate spokesmen of Muslims worldwide.

Tarek Fatah, Chasing the Mirage, 312.


abu 'n um tulip said…
And when it becomes obvious that the rhetoric was wrong and new ideas must be entertained, it will probably be too late.

-Abu Tulip
Abu Daoud said…
Yep. And this guy is a Muslim too!

Abu Tulip, I do think you are right. The West is slowly waking up, but I think it is a case of too little too late. Ad by the time folks wake up the reasonable and ethical possibilities--like curtailing immigration--will be gone. I don't look forward to seeing what will happen. I think it will get ugly.

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