Aquinas responds to Muslims

Holy Schnykies! I almost fell out of my chair just now. How in the world did I not know about this text?

(and one objection of the Greeks and Armenians)

By St Thomas Aquinas, OP

And guess what, it's all online right HERE.
Will let you all know how this reading goes. If you read it (or have read it) let me know what you thought.



Yago said…
Gabriel Reynolds has helpful comments and insights in his "Saint Thomas' Islamic Challenge: reflections on the Antiochene questions," Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations, 12, no. 2 (April 2001): 161-189.
Anonymous said…
I read it last summer. It's very good.
This tune is a blend of the two most famous prayers in the Christian and Islamic worlds. A genuine inspired arrangement of the Caccini Ave Maria accompanied by the Adhan "Allah Akbar" . This is an Exclusive performance by the Lebanese Soprano Tania Kassis Accompanied by Mhammad Shaar & Maen Zakaria:
Abu Daoud said…
Yago, thanks for the reference, I will try to find it right away. Thanks.

Salome, did you post anything on it? I really liked it too.
Anonymous said…
Actually I did, almost a year ago now. I mostly just alerted my readers to its existence:
JohnG. said…
Perhaps not as useful for muslims as for oneness christians and J.W but the letters in which John Chrysostome defends the Trinity are... wahou, just dynamite (especially letters V and VII)!

I have heard of a book (in french), that will soon be available, dealing with the first interactions of faith beetween christians and muslims. As soon as the book is realeased I buy it, read it and if interesting partake the most interesting points.

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