Pope begins Bible-reading marathon

From CNN:

ROME, Italy (AP) -- Pope Benedict XVI's "In the beginning" started off a weeklong Bible-reading marathon on Italian television Sunday.

RAI state TV began its program called "The Bible Day and Night," with Benedict reciting the first chapter of the book of Genesis -- the holy text's opening verses about the creation of the world.

The marathon will feature more than 1,200 people reading the Old and New Testament in over seven days and six nights. [...]

"The word of God will enter the homes and accompany the lives of families and individual people," Benedict said of the program following his traditional noontime blessing on Sunday. "If welcomed, this seed will not fail to bring abundant fruits."

What I wouldn't give to hear an Episcopal bishop say something like that! OK, ok, so some of them do, but most of them, well...

And may I also mention that simple interaction with the Bible is one of the main things that draws Muslims to Christ? Yes, and I do mean just reading or hearing it, aside from any preaching or explanations.


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Anonymous said…
This is wonderful!!! I have been trying to reconnect with my catholism lately (I must admit I had gone astray for a while), and on many websites and blogs people say over and over that the Catholic church doesn't push the reading of bible and following the religious dogma is more important. I love that they are holding a bible marathon, with the Pople, maybe now some of these people will hush up.
Good begets good, and evil begets evil.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Anonymous,

I agree. I think that BXVI's focus on Scripture is very healthy and very good for the church. If Christians don't know Scripture, it is certain that they will not be effective witnesses in the world.

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