Doing theology today

I read this and it reminded me of writing/reading theology today. From the genius and slightly-weird Lewis Carrol:

`So here's a question for you. How old did you say you were?'

Alice made a short calculation, and said `Seven years and six months.'

`Wrong!' Humpty Dumpty exclaimed triumphantly. `You never said a word like it!'

`I thought you meant "How old are you?"' Alice explained.

`If I'd meant that, I'd have said it,' said Humpty Dumpty.


FrGregACCA said…

And which "theologians" do they have you reading, currently?
Abu Daoud said…
Actually I am reading a lot of anthropology and history presently, but if you read some of the post-modern sacramental stuff, or some of the deconstructionists, you will find that this is (I think) fairly accurate.

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