Thanks for commenting

Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks for leaving comments, I wish more readers would. It makes blogging funner (if 'blogging' is a word then 'funner' should be too).

So yeah, thank you.


Duffy said…
For me it's not that I don't want to comment so much as I don't have anything of value to ad. YMMV.
Brett said…
Or perhaps the fact you add so much stuff so frequently, it hinders people's desires to leave a comment for fear they will never get noticed or really be able to start a dialogue. As well as I would second duffy's comment. But that is just my psychobabble

But as for content you produce, the blog is still top notch.
Rob said…
Yeah, I have to agree with brett: the posting is a mile a minute. I wouldn't mind a slow down.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi All,

That's really helpful info. I am happy to slow down with the posting.
Steve Scott said…
I enjoy commenting on blogs almost as much as I enjoy blogging. I find that for me, about 3 paragraphs per day is about right. Any more and I tend to read titles first, then continue if I'm interested. Not to say your blog is too fast or too lengthy, or that I am typical, but I don't read all of yours because I have several dozen regular blogs. It's still one of my top blogs and I never hesitate to refer you.
CMinor said…
I usually haven't got much to say as I'm really just here to learn. But I do want to say that I check in periodically (usually every week or two) and always find something of interest.
FrGregACCA said…
Thanks for commenting on my blog, Abu Daoud. All y'all come by and do the same.

Also, I've got a response percolating to your post "EN 38: The Church, liberation and loss of identity" but I don't know when it's going to be ready.
E. Twist said…
I was just mentioning to Allison last night that your blog has been Top-Notch lately. Really. I love your mind. Always inspires me.

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