Lies and more Lies, courtesy of the German press

Here is a link to an article from the noted periodical Der Spiegel. It is sad to see things like this. Here is the particular section that is absolutely and historically incorrect. It is theoretically true, but in historical fact has never been practiced:

"Jews and Christians enjoyed the protection of the Muslim authorities. They were, after all, recipients of a scripture of revelation, who, like Muslims, believed in the one and only God - albeit, from an Islamic point of view, in a diluted form. Hence the designation dhimmi ("protected person") applied to both Jews and Christians living under Islamic rule. This exemptive status explicitly distinguished them from the non-believers who were the Muslims' predefined enemy."

Protection? This is totally false. The dhimmi contract was revocable unilaterally and without notice from the Muslim ruler. What kind of security does that actually afford? You pay your jizya for ten years and then, without notice, raiders descend on your town, burning buildings, taking women and children to be sold as slaves, and executing men who might be able to fight--without your notice that your great treaty of protection has been revoked.


Here is the link:,1518,460559,00.html (copy and paste)


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