American Muslim Women

Muslims do best in societies where they are the minority. Why? Becuase they enjoy the benefit from the rights accorded to citizens which are genrous and liberal. But once Muslimss become the majority and Shari9 comes in, then the decline starts.

Here is a (positive) review of a book about Muslim women in America. All I can say is that they are not real Muslim women at all, because they do not live in an Islamic society. If they were in an Islamic society, they would do what Muslim women are supposed to do: be quiet.

But they are in America, so they have the freedom to write and publish--for now.


"If there's anyone I was more sick and tired of than Muslims, it's Muslim–bashers. No one is allowed to criticize Islam and Muslims but those who do it from love. Those who do it from hate, step aside. And step aside, those who do it as a way to fame and fortune funded by neo–conservatives who think they can kaCHING up genuine "reform" in Islam and manufacture docile little McMuslims for the maintenance of U.S. McHegemony in the world. Neocons can kiss my Islamic ass."

Now tell me how that is different from the standard BBC line. The link is here


E. Twist said…
Well, there is something to this. Though I'm not sure this is at all illustrative of an Islamic philosophy, but (as you've already mentioned) is precisely the outworking of a postmodern critique of the hegemony of power concentrated in western nation-states, particularly the US. It certainly breaks down when one considers the Muslim hope for dar al Islam which is not so far removed from so-called Mc-whatever. Both hold a strong theory of appropriate globalization.
Abu Daoud said…
Thanks E.

There is certainly a fascinating dilemna. Islam, when present in terms of being a minority, manages to hold onto traditions and identity better than many other minorities.

The problem is that when it becomes the dominant society it subjugates its own freedom and thus its fruitfulness (inasmuch as we can call it that) is subverted by its own legal dynamic based on shari9.

In terms of being "illustrative of an Islamic philosopy," I would again say that in the traditional Islamic model, women would simply remain silent. I think we agree that tradition cannot be escaped. Bringing in a "new Islam" or for that matter a "new Christianity," is an exercise in futility. This is especially the case for Islam which is inextricably tied to 7th C. Arabic culture.

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