Islamic State: We're coming back to take over Spain

New from you friends at the (failing) Islamic State:

In the recording a militant, speaking in Spanish with an Arabic accent, says: “Allah willing, al-Andalus will become again what it was, part of the caliphate. Spanish Christians, don’t forget the Muslim blood spilt during the Spanish inquisition. We will take revenge for your massacre, the one you are carrying out now against Islamic State.” 
Another man, whose face is hidden, adds: “Our war with you will continue until the world ends.” Spanish police identified the individual whose face can be seen as Muhammed Yasin Ahram Pérez, 22, from Cordoba in southern Spain. His Moroccan father is in jail in his native country for terrorism offences and his Spanish mother left Malaga in 2014 to live in an Isis-controlled area in Syria. 
But did you know that the Barcelona attacks were entirely preventable? Pray for Spain. Pray for revival in her churches. Pray for Muslims to come to Christ. Pray for Christians there to proclaim the gospel.


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