Bill Muehlenberg and Reverse Creeping Shari'a

Interesting thought experiment here by Bill Muehlenberg at CultureWatch. He asks what would happen if Christians tried to flood Muslim countries with immigrants and 'refugees' who demanded rights and then shari'a and so on.

It is really worth your time. Read it HERE.

My answer is that it would never work because Muslims still believe in their culture, tradition, and society. Europe obviously doesn't Europe doesn't believe in anything at all. It doesn't matter how many of their children are slaughtered. Europe is so deeply divorced from reality that there is no turning back.

When Christians move to Muslim countries (and they do in some cases), the Christians are very clearly expected to live and operate according to Islamic tradition and law. This doesn't mean life is bad for Christians. Some Christians in the Muslim world do rather well. But Christians really are always second class citizens.

So why no reverse creeping shari'a? Shari'a can only creep in a society with no roots and no future, no vision and no appreciation for its own heritage and history. That's why it won't work.

But Bill, thanks for the interesting article!


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