Islam, Migration and Donald Trump's 2016 Win

Well, I sure was surprised. I was confident that all the demographics were favoring Hillary, whom I do not like. As I do not like Mr. Trump.

This blog is about Islam and Christianity, so why include commentary on a  political election? Because what happens in the USA does not stay in the USA, as I think everyone knows. Also, because Mr. Trump has had some pretty explicit things to say about Muslims immigrating to the USA. He and the people around him appear to fear that Islam always involves a latent tendency towards terrorism.


The sad thing is that there are people who don't understand this, or who think to recognize this clear, objective, obvious truth makes someone a hater of Muslims.

I love Muslims. I have many Muslim friends. I just published a book which is all about sharing the love of Christ with Muslims (in America! Buy it!) But I'm not naive about Islam either. It is not simply a religion. It is much more. It is an imperial, global plan that has transcendental and religious elements grafted into it.

And so I must say that in spite of Mr. Trump's big fat mouth and inflammatory speech, I am not sad that he was elected. A win for HRC would have meant unrestrained immigration of Muslims into the USA. Perhaps none of the first generation would have been terrorists, but we know from experience that at least some of their kids would be. The liberal press loves to talk about how so many of the terrorists are native born to France, Belgium, and the USA. But they are all second generation. The danger is in that second generation.

Furthermore, Muslims must be committed, if they are real Muslims, to Allah's will for the world, which is called the shari'a. And guess what? The shari'a and the American constitution are simply irreconcilable on several issues. Not all Muslims will battle to transform American law into shari'a law. But some will. And none will resist this. And when the political, legal strategy is denounced, we will be told, as President Obama has so many times, that we must respect people of all religions. But that is the crux. It's not just a religion. It's so much more.

There is a certain poetic justice to what just happened. It was largely white Christian men who made the USA into a nation into which everyone in the world want to immigrate. But the Democratic Party then turned around and told everyone that they were valuable and special and important, except white Christian men. White Christian men, one would think from listening to the jejune rhetoric of the Democratic establishment, are an offense to justice by their very existence. And so, those people turned. They were angry because they had been told again and again how nasty and racist and xenophobic they were.

Meanwhile, the "bright" folks, ensconced in their artificial, plastic, fundamentalist-left universities, were not willing to even make an attempt to understand them. They had PhDs and MAs and knew that it was all about racism. It was that simple. What a bunch of idiots (with PhDs, to be sure).

So now the future of secular government in the West rests on the shoulders of this vulgar but brilliant man. If he can enunciate a vision of Islam as an anti-constitutional political program, and not as a religion, then we might just see a glimpse of light in the future of the West. Maybe my previous predictions about the demise of the West and its complete Islamization and incorporation into Islamdom (note the blog name) were a bit premature, after all.


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