Pakistan population may touch 292m mark by 2050

Pak population may touch 292m mark by 2050: seminar told - PakTribune

While the population of much of the world will start to decline soon because of low TFR, there are exceptions. One of them is Pakistan, which will continue to (naturally) grow. The USA will grow as well, but from immigration. Same for some countries in Europe. The UK is one of those countries. Its population will continue to grow in the long run, not because women there have children (TFR of 1.9), but because of immigration.

Guess where a great deal of that immigration comes from...Yep. Pakistan. So while British women are having children at below-replacement levels, the fertile women of Pakistan will continue to procreate quite well, thank you. And rest assured, the UK will continue to welcome them in.

And that is how London will become Londonistan indeed.


''''In many ways, the descriptions of Eurabia
parallel classic criticisms of Jews within anti-Semitism...
The parallels with anti-Semitism are underlined forcefully by Matt Carr, who points out that Jews in Victorian Britain were thought to harbour a secret ambition to subvert, dominate and possess. Carr also points out that,

"the fear of cultural and racial extinction has a long pedigree in European history"

traceable back to the

"racial Darwinism of the nineteenth century, and articulated by writers such as Count Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau, who argued that only races that maintained
their racial purity would survive"

only, today, the Eurabia-ists substitute culture
and civilisation for race.'''''

Liz Fekete
executive director of the Institute of Race Relations
page 44
Abu Daoud said…
What is your point? This has nothing to do with my post at all.

Abdul, you always come to this website and post lame quotes from other people and websites. Please, friend, learn to speak with your own voice.

Your last sentence showed London becoming ''Londistan''. Thus giving the impression to readers that Muslims are soon going to take over London.
This is why I posted my quote

With regards to my own voice.
What authority do I have to talk about the world?

The reality is

A) No one on this blog knows any details about me (not even my real name)

b) I have no training in any religious field whatsoever.

C) I have limited experience in the world.

With all that in consideration, I think it is important people ask for evidence for my claims.

As the bible says

""examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good""
1 Thessalonians 5:21
Abu Daoud said…
The migration patterns from Pakistan to the UK, the low TFR of white women in the UK, and the higher birthrates of Pakistani women, both in the UK and Pakistan--all of these are pieces of evidence that point towards and increasing Islamization of the UK. That is just a beginning.

Your quote is totally irrelevant to what I am talking about. Whether or not the description of Eurabia parallels anything else is irrelevant, because a parallel does not mean anything about whether the present theory is true or false. All she is doing is noting that the idea is not new. That doesn't mean it is wrong. I am not presenting an argument based on fear, but based on migration patterns and demographics.

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