Action: save this Wikipedia page!

One of my favorite Wikipedia pages, on ex-Muslim studies, is up for deletion! I like this page because it has some good material on the new field of study of ex-Muslims and also because it references one of my articles, Apostates of Islam, which you should really read if you haven't.

Anyway, there is a question as to whether 'ex-Muslim studies' is a hoax, because there are no departments of ex-Muslim studies out there. Duh.

There are all sorts of people engaged in ex-Muslim studies (myself included), but one does not advertise it. Why? A few reasons:

1) If you work for a secular institution it is politically incorrect.

2) If you live in the West, it is politically incorrect.

3) If you are in the mission field, it could get you kicked out of your country.

There are additional reasons, but that's a starter. In some ways much of this blog's content is related to the discipline of ex-Muslim studies, though of course I focus on the folks who convert to Christianity more than the ones who become atheist or whatever, though I have mentioned them a few times as well.

Anyway, drop by the Wikipedia discussion and voice your own opinion on the matter. It is the beauty of Wikipedia, after all. Drop by and voice your own opinion--is the field of study a hoax or not?

Discussion Board.


Celal Birader said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Celal Birader said…
Looks like it's too late. They've axed the page.
Abu Daoud said…
Yes Celal, sad to say. Maybe some day there will be more sources available for such a project. Sad to see it go...

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