Saturday, June 09, 2012

Catholic Bishop Paul Hinder: "...we would not dare accept a Muslim's conversion to Christianity."

From an interview with Bishop Mgr Paul Hinder, Auxiliary Bishop of Arabia. Here is a snippet from a journalist who wrote about ministry in Arabia:
Is he an optimist or a pessimist? Bishop Hinder at least does not sweep the problems under the carpet. For instance, what pushes a Christian to embrace Islam? "Not so much conviction," he says, "as a desire to get a job, a promotion, a higher salary, or even to marry a Muslim woman. When it does happen it becomes front page news. By contrast, we would not dare accept a Muslim's conversion to Christianity. It would just be too dangerous not only for the person involved but for the Church as such."
Read it all HERE if you like. Sad to see this sort of thing. Thank God Jesus and Mary and Paul and Peter weren't worried about doing dangerous things.

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