The Decline of the American Family

I don't normally post on cultural things going on in the USA or Europe, but this article seemed pretty important to me, because it strikes at the heart of what is wrong with the West, and why Western civilization will die (I think), and Islamic civilization will survive, and, to some extent, supplant Western civilization.

Of course then all those nice aspects of Western civilization which Muslims like so much will then fade away and be replaced by the nepotism and tribalism and stagnation and censorship which we find everywhere in the Muslim world today. What will not happen is a happy synthesis of the glory of Christendom and the culture of Islam. Never. Carthage becomes Tunis. Constantinople becomes Istanbul. Creativity, creation, art, critical discourse--all dry up as Islamization increases.

The West does not believe in the family any more. I learned from my old Catholic prof. Fr John long ago that the State and the Church are only as healthy as the nuclear families. And this article shows the continuing decline of nuclear families in the USA. It is sad to read about it, but it is the reality.

Muslims still get married. They still have kids. Yes, the families are often unhappy. Yes, women are abused. Yes, men are unfaithful. But is the American model really better? American women alone? Raising kids without fathers?

Read about it here: The Coming Cultural Disintegration, by William Tucker.


Jonathan said…
Sadly, barring some sort of mass turn around, I believe you are correct. There will be pockets of culture, but they will be like ghettos. Perhaps not geographically speaking, but ghettos nonetheless.
Abu Daoud said…
Thanks Jon. We must pray for American families...

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