Nikides and the Bible and the Qur'an

I really enjoyed reading Bill Nikides' recent, and very critical, evaluation of the popular book by Mark Siljander, A Deadly Misunderstanding: A Congressman's Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide.

I have not read Siljander's book, but I have read material by Nikides in the past and find him to be a competent and fair scholar. One quote from his article that I really liked follows:

The Qur’an is often unfathomable to Christian readers, just as the opposite is true, because it has no narrative, redemptive story organizing the text. With the exception of its first sura, it is simply organized from longest to shortest suras. It lacks the kind of logical flow we find in the Bible. This makes it difficult for Christian readers to understand the Qur’an, but it also makes it difficult for Muslim readers to adjust to the Bible’s underlying structure and logic.

Nikides' review of Siljander's book can be found HERE, in the April issue fo St Francis Magazine.


Robert Sievers said…
Thanks so much for posting a link to that review. I finally had time to read it, and was stunned to see how thoroughly he dispatched of error. My favorite quote from the review

"Siljander’s ideas are nothing more than an example of dhimmi
religion. The Qur’an and Islam slowly begin to appropriate and
redefine biblical terms. In the author’s view, in order to produce a real peace between Islam and Christianity, we will have to dispose of the Bible, the Church and Christianity."
Abu Daoud said…
Glad you enjoyed the article Robert. And you have indeed chosen a zinger!

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