Islam: A mono-lingual religious empire

At the police registries where Moroccans go to officially designate their childrens' names, non-Arab names like Jurgurtha and Messina -- the names of ancient Berber kings -- are blacklisted. Only Arabic names like Hassan and Ahmed are allowed.

"To Berber militants, this is a case of trying to completely eradicate any Berber heritage," Jalali Saib, a leading activist who teaches at Rabat University, told the BBC earlier this year.

The first language of most Moroccans is some form of Berber, generally called Tamazight, though there are a number of variants. But the constitution recognizes only Arabic as the official language.

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Lvka said…
"A mono-lingual religious empire"

The same can easily been said of other Christian religions:

- Catholicism [Spanish and other kindred Romance languages],

- Protestantism [English and other kindred Anglo-Saxon languages],

- Orthodoxy [Slavic languages],

- Orientals [Semitic languages].

And if you're not still convinced, remember that Turks & Tatars don't speak Arabic...
Abu Daoud said…
Luka, I think you disprove your own point, by pointing out that different forms of Christianity have different languages.

Islam always has, and always will, and always must be, centered around the Arabic language. It does not matter if the Turks and Pakistanis do not speak or understand Arabic, they MUST have Arabic names, and they all do. Unless they are Christian, that is...

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