What was the name of the Anglican priest who was born in Afghanistan and was an ex-Muslim?

Will post the answer after a few people take guesses, or at least say, I don't know but I'd like to know.


GreekAsianPanda said…
I don't know!! =(
Do tell.
Jean Mohammed as you posted before????
Abu Daoud said…
Jean Mohammed was born in Morocco.
I had never heard about him. Please tell about him.
Abdallah Muslim said…
Salam Abu Dauod,

I’ll give you a quiz too, if you allow me…

Who is the priest (preacher, I don’t know what the difference really) who converted to Islam, and over 10 of thousands had converted to Islam because of him all over the world, may be more ??

I’ll give you a hint..

In one lecture only, over 135 converted to Islam after his speech !!


My Friend Abu Dauod,

I expected that you will comment on my explanation for “70 weeks prophecy” and “Valley of Bacca” on Old Testament, please brother spare some time and comment, I will be very happy to have your feedback and please correct me if I did any mistake somewhere…

Also I added 2 posts after my debate with Atheists, can you imagine that my faith increased because of some Atheists!! And I discovered something about God that I didn’t notice before..

Please, When you have time, check these: “World of Spirits” & “Universe Creation”..

Take care,

Abu Daoud said…
Dear Abdallah,

Please email your phone number and let us chat on the phone some time, and I will answer any questions you have, if I am able.


Abu Daoud

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