Dear Readers,

Will you please stop and say a prayer for my new daughter? She was just born yesterday and is in intensive care due to difficulty breathing. Please pray for her healing and for God to be with our family during this difficult time.



Scott Rayl said…
My prayers are with your daughter, please keep us updated.
Lvka said…
+ May God keep you and be with you and your family throughout these difficult times! +
Jay said…
My prayers for your daughter and the whole family.
Anonymous said…
أسال الله العظيم, رب العرش العظيم, أن يشفي ابنتك وان تكون بخير وصحة وسلامة. آمين

اخي ابو داود,
هذا اختبار من الله واسألك بالله أن تسأله هو فقط لا غيره (لا المسيح عليه الصلاة والسلام), أن يشفي بنتك وأن لا تخاطر في ذلك, ارجوك, فإنك اذا سألت غير الله فيما لا يقدر عليه غيره وكلك إليه.

أرجوك اسأل الله وحده, قل: يا خالق السموات والارض وخالقي, أسالك أنت وحدك, إشفي لي ابنتي وانت يا رب أرحم الراحمين. وكررها قدر ما استطعت.
amy said…
O Heavenly Father, I praise Your holy name and ask mercy and healing upon this precious child and her family. Grant them peace that passes all understanding, for You are our Great Physician and have care for the body and soul. In the name of Christ our Saviour, Amen.
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you all. For those of you who don't know Arabic allow me tio quickly translate Abdallah's prayer:

I ask of God the exalted, Lord of the exalted throne, that he heal your daughter and that she may be well and healthy and peaceful. Amen.

Again, thank you all. Um Daoud is back at home but baby is still in the hospital. God willing she will be with us come the weekend.

Thanks only to ALLAH, he is the most merciful.

This is a very good news and I am really happy for you Abu Daoud for return of your wife and the little girl, you know of course that our prophet said to us that every child is born as a muslim but their parents change his religion when they grow up.., so take care from the little muslima that you have in your hands..

I just curious, if you have read the prayer that I wrote to you and what did you feel? please answer me honestly.

Note, that you can use it anytime you have such problem, of course you and your wife too.

Dear all friends,
I just complete my small blog it has 7 articles only yet, but hope you can drop by and visit , there are many interesting things to see too.

Jewel said…
God Bless you, Abu and Um and wee bonny bint, too. My grandson is going to be born tomorrow morning, Lord willing. You have my prayer for you and your little family.
Merry Christmas, brother.
Steve Scott said…
Congratulations, and prayer both. I didn't know your wife was pregnant.
Abu Daoud said…
Thank you all for your prayers. Our daughter is home safe and sound, after about a week in intensive care.
الحمد لله ...

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Glad to hear that your daughter is home with you now Abu Daoud! Jesus is the Great Physician!

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