Ps 51 in Arabic

The aesthetics of the Byzantine Arabic tradition are, in my opinion, far superior to anything we have seen in the West in the last 400 years or so.


Anonymous said…
Thanks ALLAH, he gave us something much better, the Quran, you really calm and feel peace when listen to ALLAH words.

I pasted below links for different readings of small chapter in Quran called Al-Insan “The Man”, listen and praise God…
Jeff said…
What is it?

Abdullah, the Quran sounds lovely when it is chanted, lovely indeed.

But I don't find it lovelier than Gregorian chant.

I am happy to listen. But it would be nice if you would listen too.

I've been listening to Muslim about Islam for years and I have learned a lot. But I've never seen any reason at all to believe in Mohammed or the Quran.
Anonymous said…
Dear Jeff,

This is Quran our God’s words; you can’t compare it with a song or any other human words.
Quran is a guidance book for us, all human kind; it’s a miracle both in its writing, scientifically and mathematically too.
Quran is a cure for human soul, you can read it on a depressed human, and see how his soul will calm and feel peace, try it in a haunted house or on a person and see how devils will leave him, in God will.
Just try it on a disturbed crying enfant or child for few minutes, (not being hungry or sick), let them listen to it, and see how he calms and sleep in few minutes…

I will send you a list of reasons why you should have to believe in Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) soon, in God will.
Lvka said…
Pro-Islamic post of the day!
Anonymous said…

Let’s go to the first story:

God created Adam in heaven and tested him by not eating from the tree, he failed and so he sent him to Earth.

?But, why Adam was tested if God knows already that he will fail, he created him and knows how he will react?

Because logically not all Adam’s children deserve to be born in Paradise, some of them will be bad and some will be good, so God sent them (Adam and Eve) to Earth, where they will inhabit there and increase generation after generation.

But, who will deserve to be raise to heaven again and who will be thrown to hell, what will be the criteria?

It’s the book from God, the revelation, the commandments from God, who follow them will be happy in this life and life after, and who’s not following them will suffer in both lives.

But, how God will deliver his revelation to all mankind??

Shall he descend by himself, or his angles, or send his sons (God Forbidden), what is the best, shall he convert himself to human being, is it logic??, did you ever see an inventor of a car or TV or a chair, converted himself to a chair to show people how to use it? And is there any comparison between chair’s hand and carpenter’s hands? NO nothing similar, so why GOD had to descend for humans in any form to teach them, the most logic “and that also all inventors use it too, they wrote a manual and send an expert to show how to use it”, God sends his book to the most suitable, decent, and kind man of his time to teach his people and to believe him.

Is it possible to send one man in for all generations and for all regions over all the world, technically it so difficult, the communications is still basic, the transportations too, the translation too, the whole civilization too, so what will be the optimal solution is to send each generation and each region someone to teach his people, but for how long??

There must be a time, when after that human must have to depend on themselves and continue to build their civilization alone, and follow up the last commandments, the main guidelines.

But who will be the last prophet who will carry the last message for all people, is he Muhammad?

The answer for sure is Muhammad (PBUH), but why:

- Muhammad came later than Jesus, born in 571 AD.
- Jesus prophesized about the coming of Muhammad, naming him: “Spirit of Truth” which mentioned in bible, and he will reveal the whole truth from GOD.

What does prove that Muhammad is the last prophet:

- He called for GOD and only for Him, the lord of all worlds, the Creator.
- He appraised all the prophets and books that came before him, and especially Jesus, means he belong to the same chain.
- He revealed all guidelines that humans must know to live in proper life, wherever they were on Earth, he didn’t leave any important details.
- He called for all good deeds; feeding the poor, giving charity, respect the others, etc..
- He forbidden everything that can harm human kind; alcohol, adultery, usury, lying, stealing, etc..
- And he launched the last cycle and the biggest one of human civilization, by emphasizing “Learning” writing and reading, for all people, and it’s a must to read the holy Quran.
- He had to fight all his people for 23 years, but for what? just to destroy all the millions of idols that exist in Arabia worshiped beside GOD.
- He is the only one in history that sent messages to the surrounding kings and emperors, of Roman, Persia and Egypt, that He is the last prophet and they have to follow him to save themselves, and in less than 10 years, his followers were conquering all these nations.
- He didn’t ask for money, authority after him to be in his family, kingdom of his name, wealth, and he didn’t die in a castle, but in a small room right to his mosque.
Anonymous said…
But, why all this suffering??

- Just to see the Arabs not drinking alcohol, not committing adultery, not lending the poor with interests, giving best of their wealth to the poverty, and nothing in return from this life.

What was the last thing he did before 3 months of his death, it was the “farewell” pilgrimage, where he stated the last guidelines to all human kind, and what did he say at end of each section of his speech:

- “Did I inform you??”, the people say: “Yes”
- Then he point his finger to the sky then to the people, and says: “O Mighty God witness”

When he was finishing his pilgrimage, he used to tell every group of Muslims, the following:

- “Don’t return un-believers after me [his death] killing each other’s”

- “Not anyone come on the day of Judgment, and carrying a caw, or camel, or land, or gold over his neck [that he stole in this life], and calling me, appealing to me to save him, I will say to him: I’ve warned you before.”

He said: “to his closed relatives, his daughter, cousins, aunts, uncles: “Don’t come on the day of judgment with your relation to me think it will benefit you, and others come with their good deeds, I will not save you from God punishment if he wants to, (urging them not to count on their relative relation with prophet but for their good deeds”).

Who in whole universe during all history did something similar ever??

- And on the day of his death, he was so sick that he couldn’t go out and pray in his own mosque, he watched his companions, from his room window, standing to pray behind Abu Baker, his closed companion, and smiled looking on them, and asked them, his last question:

“Did I deliver you the message of GOD?”, they said: “O prophet you certainly did”.

- He smiled and returned back to his bed, and he died few hours later..

To know more about prophet Muhammad (PBUH), check the following site:

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