Must Watch: Contemporvant Christianity



Black Pigs

Mark 5:12 (Young's Literal Translation)
12. and all the demons did call upon him, saying, `Send us to the swine (pigs), that into them we may enter;'
Judith said…
I now understand why I left the modern church. Such a sad, sad state of affairs is Christ's church in the wonders if there isn't a growing house church movement.
Anonymous said…
It's easy to poke fun at the way some Christians do church. I not sure which made me sadder:the truth that this video displayed or the extreme effort some one went through to mock their Christian neighbor.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Jacob,

Thanks for the thoughts. To be honest, my sense is that this was put together by evangelicals trying to remove the plan from their own eye, so to speak. It was not done by Catholics or Orthodox trying to ridicule them at all. So I interpret this as constructive criticism really, and I think that is within the best spirit of the Christian faith.

Thanks for dropping by the blog.


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