Anglican Nigerians reaching out to Muslims

A Nigerian Anglican archbishop told 825 mostly Anglicans and Episcopalians that included 20 bishops and three archbishops that the outbreaks of violence in Northern Nigeria is a result of tens of thousands of Islamists becoming Christians resulting in the formation of 49 new dioceses.

The Rt. Rev. Edmund Akanya, Archbishop of Kaduna and Bishop of Kebbi from the Anglican Province of Nigeria told conferees at the New Wineskins conference for Global Missions that outreach to Muslims in Nigeria with the gospel is "second nature" to Nigerian Anglicans and that Anglicans "face this challenge every day."

"After experiencing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior I went into mission. Up to 20 years ago we were dependent on missionaries. Now we have a thriving church with our own missionaries reaching out to Muslims, animists and pagans," he told the missions-minded audience many of whom had come from half way around the globe to plan mission strategies to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

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Lvka said…
I wonder how these newly-converted Muslims feel about their new-found Church condoning (instead of condemning) sodomy. :-)

To paraphrase Christ's words from the three Synoptic Gospels: "it shall be more tollerable on that day [of judgement] for [Muslims] than it shall be for thee".
Abu Daoud said…
Lvka: The Anglican Church of Nigeria is staunchly against all forms of sex outside of marriage, as are the majority of Anglican provinces around the world. The two provinces (USA and Canada) that have condones it have both been notified that they are on the way out. Please make sure you know what you are talking about before you comment.
amy said…
Tens of thousands ?

I am happily stunned by that...

not the violence, of course, but the fact that so many Muslims are converting to Christianity!

Praise God!

Hristos vosskresse!
Abu Daoud said…
Amy, yes, tens of thousands. It is an untold story. If you would like more information on the topic please let me know and I will send you an article on the topic.


Abu Daoud
Anonymous said…
It seems that my church too is very active in reaching out to Nigerian Muslims, animists, and pagans. It sounds like many Nigerians all over are turning to Jesus. God willing, Nigeria will be Christian soon.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Salome, I would love to read anything you know of on Catholic mission to Muslims anywhere, including Nigeria. Please keep me updated.
Anonymous said…
An article I read about Catholic mission in Nigeria:
I was somewhat mistaken, in this article they talk about reaching out to indigenous Nigerian animists, not Nigerian Muslims.

However, I did find an article about Catholic mission in Kyrgyzstan:

And here is the website of a Catholic mission in a Muslim-majority Kenyan village:
Apparently one of the things they do is train the local Catholics in how to witness to others.
Anonymous said…
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