Dispute on the nature of the Eucharist and Priesthood

Hi All,

Abu Daoud is off to an overnight planning session for a very strategic ministry to the local churches. The goal is to motivate and train them to engage in planting cell churches in homes and thus provide a venue where inquiring non-Christians could attend safely and comfortably. Please say a prayer for us. One important thing to note is that said effort is largely an initiative of local Christians, not foreigners.

Meanwhile, two folks on my blogroll have an interesting debate going on regarding the Eucharist and the nature of Christian priesthood. Please do drop by and share your ideas. The most recent installation of said dialogue is overt at Don's blog, Positive Infinity. Check it out.

--Abu Daoud


FrGregACCA said…
Thanks for this. However, it looks like my blog has dropped off your blogroll. In any event, my reply has been posted to my blog because of link; it does include links to the previous sections on Don's blog. It is found here:

Abu Daoud said…
Sorry, let me put it back on there. Not sure how that happened.

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