American Elections abroad

OK, this is from the uni where I am working on my PhD in Scotland. It's quite fascinating to see how interested other folks are in the US elections:

Obama Vs McCain Food Fight
After much Wikipedia based research our top chefs have developed a range of pizzas and burgers to honour the history of these two great Americans. From Monday 27th October you can support your candidate through the medium of Pizza in KB House or Burger in [the Student] bar.

The Obama
The Hawaiian influences will come through strong in the range, with a grilled chicken breast burger delicately topped with pineapple. Plus a ham and pineapple pizza with a Chicago style sweet bbq sauce.

The McCain
A man of the deep south, with a touch of latin influences. A burger topped with real bacon, Monterey jack cheese and smothered in spicy bbq sauce. With the pizzas covered in chorizo sausage, fresh chilli and another dose of Monterey Jack cheese.

The Results
For election results night, [the student union] will be open all night long for the election results on the big screen, with highly caffeinated drinks available once the bars close at 3am. Then just before the US has their say, we will announce the student choice for President of the free world.

Ha! Which one sounds better to you? I they both sound good, but would probably go with the The McCain because I like anything with beef that is also spicy.


FrGregACCA said…
One slight correction: in American jargon, "Deep South" almost always refers to the Southeastern States and Texas, former slave states, most of which were also members of the Confederacy during the Civil War (aka "the War of Southern Reaction"). Arizona, from where McCain hails, is considered part of the Southwest. The food sounds about right, however.
Rob said…
Fr Greg,

Being one of McCain's fellow Arizonans, I was a little mystified by that one, too. I thought maybe he was originally from the South when I read that.
Abu Daoud said…
Well, these guys are in Scotland, they don't know the deep South from the Southwest.

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