Son of top Hamas leader converts to Christianity

Wow, I was just told about this yesterday morning at church by a a visiting (Anglican) priest from England, who is actually Lebanese by ancestry (which is not the same as Arab, mind you).

It is always good to see a little peace and love injected into the perpretual vitriol between Israel and the Palestinians. There is no political situation for that problem, even if two states were formed today (which Israel would not allow, due to water rights, among other things) then rockets would continue to fall from the Palestinian state on a regular basis. There is no political situation. Only the Gospel is powerful enough to break down those barriers and arrogance and self-pity and hate, and yes, they exist on both sides. There is blood on everyone's hands, including your and mine. If the cross means one thing, it is that there is only one victim, in the true meaning of the word: the Lamb of God.

But here is the link to the interview with Hassan Yousef, who said, "I have left a culture that sanctifies terror." Welcome to the Kingdom and to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, brother Hassan.


Steve Scott said…
Good news, indeed.

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