Goodness, the Lord's Prayer in Arabic

Here is some goodness: having dinner at an Indian restaurant with fellow missionaries to Muslims in places like Russia, Yemen, and Indonesia. That is goodness. I love working with these people. It is one of my favorite things about my job, I work with excellent people. Also goodness during this brief sojourn outside of MENA: being able to share and learn with other workers--what is working for them, and what is not? How can I communicate more clearly and effectively the good news? That is what we're talking about.

And also this: here is a plate with the Lord's Prayer in Arabic. The big word is Abana, which means "our Father" and then it just gets smaller :-)


Scott Rayl said…
Arabic is definitely a beautiful written language and I'm glad that you shared this example with us. It's a loving thing to appreciate the artistic treasures of another culture or religion, because all beauty is a reflection of God Himself. And when we can use that beauty to point back to Him, He is glorified.

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